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Nature's GREEN-RELEAF™ | Back to Nature

Nature’s GREEN-RELEAF™ Compost production facility is owned and operated by Novozymes North America, Inc. Novozymes is the biotech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. Using nature's own technologies, we continuously expand the frontiers of biological solutions to improve industrial performance everywhere.


At Novozymes, sustainability development is about integrating corporate responsibility into business to secure long-term sustainable growth. We do this by balancing financial, social, environmental and ethical concerns. Our Compost Production Facility is a good example of our commitment to sustainable development.


It provides a reuse application of our enzyme production residuals as well as providing a sound environmental solution to our communities growing problems of yard trimmings, and clean wood by-products. These by-products are used as raw materials and processed into valuable soil conditioners and mulch for the commercial horticultural marketplace.